Thursday, October 21, 2010

gud morningg!!!

after so long, i really feel like blogging right now. something is so wrong. something is not right. there's so many things to do. i actually miss him. he's ignorance is driving me crazy, he's lying. he's not replying my texts, my calls. td pown tercall, and b4 that boleh ckp crdt habis. you dont have to lie. somehow, i will find out jgak. what is wrong with you when you're in Penang? its like ur in ur own world. i dont mind you spending time with your family, seriously. i don't mind if you can't call me. cant u at least text me and say u love me too? satu text satu hari. susah ka? if ur busy, then tell me, im not going to bother you. sedih la. i dont know how to hide this feeling anymore. brownies pown hangus, btol lah org ckp, if you wanna do something, do it with love. that was the only ingredient missing in my recipe. nak hang out pown, duit kna jimat. nak kerja, mcm2 la halangan. dah kna sumpahan ke apa...i cant sleep. babi btol, dah brapa hari tdo lewat cm gni. please let tomorrow be a better day. pleassseeee. = ='