Tuesday, June 9, 2015


And when i thought he changed. I was absolutely wrong. This proves that u can never trust anyone. Maybe god is preparing me to be stronger. And i know i will. 

Suprisingly, the other one knows it when im at my lowest point. How could i forget him. Life is so confusing.  

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Its funny how things changed for these past few years. Reading my old posts, being in love with the man i thought ill get married with. Its all so different now. How can you not think about it? As hard as i try to move on, there are times i wish i did what i was supposed to do. But yup! This is life. We learn and move on.

Im happy with my life now. I have family and friends who gave me endless love and supports. What else matters. Ill do whatever i want in my life and along the way, ill find that right guy and that guy will be the one.

So, im promising my self, to give me another chance, to love me. To be more productive. To be thankful. to be positive and to have faith in Allah that everything going to be better. I will be fine. insyaallah.


Monday, March 18, 2013


My birthday celebration was amazing. i love surprises. i love presents. I super love my families and friends. Thank you for such an enjoyable day. Im so grateful. i do. good night . xoxo

Monday, March 11, 2013

always up.

Today i promise myself to eat healthy and start going to the gym back. Well, things got  a bit out of track, i guess i value my friends more than myself. We spent the day at the curve, did not expect us to end up in the karaoke room, but we did. well, singing is my...our  chill pill. 

Sometimes i feel that everyone is lucky in their own way, there is nothing as bad luck, bad day. I used to feel that way until i kick some positiveness in to my sense. Every time i feel hopeless, i'll tell myself, life is beautiful to be this sad. there's still people out there who cant afford to lose you.

 However, i really hope i'll get the job. its not my dream job but at least i get a consistent pay and i can start planing. ah too tired to scribble anything here. So many dreams to make it come true. I know i can and i will. until then,  goodnight sweethearts! xoxo

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Moving on.

Its been years since i last update my blog. i was not into writing blogs anymore until i read a few good ones that really made me think about start being active again. i could practice my writing skills here too though. forgive me if there's any mistakes or errors. Well so many things happened for these past few months/years. i actually broke up with the the only man i thought Im gonna get married with. Things dont usually follow according to plans huh'. Im not sad, really. I felt so good. thinking about it again, i suffered through out my dating years, not to say i did not had fun at all. i did, he's nice in some way, but when it comes to being overprotective, cheating on me, i guess i had enough. i dont think my heart could stand this anymore. i need to live my life, like what good friends always tell me, go get some a life, be socialize, explore the world, have fun, ...... i am trying to do it now,  just that i got restricted by all the work loads i have now. 

Im currently working with Pearl Cakes and Events which really benefits me in soooo many ways. i am much improved in my decorating skills, frosting skills. I thank Satira for that. She's a good boss, but when it comes to being organize and managing the company, she fails miserably. On the other side, working with this company had made me a better person. i am so lucky in a sense that ive got the chance to meet a few famous people and the only person i could think of if Sam. hahaha. thats about it i guess. Talking about Sam wont let me stop, my friends know that. until then, tadaa.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

when i need you the most.

ive been waiting. its like there's no respond. have you ever felt frustrated. today, i felt it. the most. the mood is not that good. everything seems so wrong. i feel like bursting out everything in tears. i dont know what's wrong. i dont know how to answer. maybe i feel alone. i feel lonely. i need someone to talk to. but there's just no one. everyone seems so happy with their lives. i dont wanna ruin their mood just because im sad. its been a while since i last blog. next week is the last week for exams. i wanna go home. go to gym. do something good for myself.

Monday, January 17, 2011

“I know the world isn't fair, but why isn't it ever unfair in my favor?”