Monday, March 11, 2013

always up.

Today i promise myself to eat healthy and start going to the gym back. Well, things got  a bit out of track, i guess i value my friends more than myself. We spent the day at the curve, did not expect us to end up in the karaoke room, but we did. well, singing is my...our  chill pill. 

Sometimes i feel that everyone is lucky in their own way, there is nothing as bad luck, bad day. I used to feel that way until i kick some positiveness in to my sense. Every time i feel hopeless, i'll tell myself, life is beautiful to be this sad. there's still people out there who cant afford to lose you.

 However, i really hope i'll get the job. its not my dream job but at least i get a consistent pay and i can start planing. ah too tired to scribble anything here. So many dreams to make it come true. I know i can and i will. until then,  goodnight sweethearts! xoxo