Sunday, March 10, 2013

Moving on.

Its been years since i last update my blog. i was not into writing blogs anymore until i read a few good ones that really made me think about start being active again. i could practice my writing skills here too though. forgive me if there's any mistakes or errors. Well so many things happened for these past few months/years. i actually broke up with the the only man i thought Im gonna get married with. Things dont usually follow according to plans huh'. Im not sad, really. I felt so good. thinking about it again, i suffered through out my dating years, not to say i did not had fun at all. i did, he's nice in some way, but when it comes to being overprotective, cheating on me, i guess i had enough. i dont think my heart could stand this anymore. i need to live my life, like what good friends always tell me, go get some a life, be socialize, explore the world, have fun, ...... i am trying to do it now,  just that i got restricted by all the work loads i have now. 

Im currently working with Pearl Cakes and Events which really benefits me in soooo many ways. i am much improved in my decorating skills, frosting skills. I thank Satira for that. She's a good boss, but when it comes to being organize and managing the company, she fails miserably. On the other side, working with this company had made me a better person. i am so lucky in a sense that ive got the chance to meet a few famous people and the only person i could think of if Sam. hahaha. thats about it i guess. Talking about Sam wont let me stop, my friends know that. until then, tadaa.