Wednesday, December 29, 2010

kadang2 mcm terfikir, asal hidup mcm ni. why is there ups and downs in life? why can i be extremely happy today, and extremely sad on the next day. cant it be rainbows and butterflies je ke everyday. he's right. life must be balance. im trying to save some cash this month. probably joining the gym with our dearest new house mate vina.

sometimes kan, tak faham dgn perempuan yg tak reti bahasa. why do you have to menggatal still. have ur own life n jgn kacau hidup org. ur such a hypocrite. if you think you're that beautiful, gi lah masuk miss world. kalau rasa diri tu mmg sesuai nak jadi model, baru kau upload gamb tag segala jantan yg kau nak. i've had enough of you. and imma show you, what the fuck you should be!