Saturday, May 17, 2008

finally, im in my room in penang typing and posting a blog. ouwhh how i miss this moment. ok , first of all, budak chomeyl..i got no crdt to reply ur msgs...sorry. second is...gud news ppl! i have my own lappy..and my dad bought a new apple macbook notebook!...its white ppl! urghh i want dat and bei..keep on dreamin'. ba takkan kasi nyee...ehhehe. but it does give me dis one kind of satisfaction ahahah...i've always want a lappy and now i have one...basically...miracles does happened kan!..i told ya...tuhan itu maha adil.

im bored. trust me i am. its 3.34 in the morning and im not asleep yet. wondering and googling and im trying to do all the "ling" dat i can do...and i came out with nothing besides mengelamun. eyhh..its actually a good way to spent dat sort of free time u have kan kan. hehehe....i just cant wait for tomorrow. meeting everyone...go to q.bay mayb. =DD

im happy..yes i am. =DD

dont believe in miracles, depend on them! =D