Monday, June 9, 2008

1st day in png

its 1.51am. the bass in my room is huh! happy and what else matters...i just arrived from kl today with erzat, and blur uncle came and picked us up. we had to carry like 7 bags to fit in 7 ppl in citra. it was tiring yet fun. heheh...i texted ed, anis and my mum and the minute i went inside the house, eman called...and ajak lepak..of course i refused..but i did'nt to ed..ehehe how can i..=D

ok, done with that..mamu amer ajak gi mkn dinner..and mak asked me to clean up the whole house...i did and yeah..went out with mamu amer..we did have dis conversation about uptrend, uncles, cousins..ouh yea..dis is actually some sort of unofficially gossiping with family..ehheh..menarik gak...went home..gossip ngan parents wonderful the life is kan..

eman came, 15 minutes biasa nak kasi empty disc..and he's acting weird..very weird..btw..kwn2 ku di shah alam..aku merindui korang smua! =DD