Wednesday, June 18, 2008

teeheeeee =p

went out with my dearest eman and abg mer today. i brought my laptop cuz eman want's to download some, we end up in borders starbucks, sitting comfortably and how kind was abg mer to buy us a drink each.from sarbucks kowt..but hugs and kisses to miss jelfarina. haha because of her..we saved RM11.10. thanx lah abg mer and kak rina! hihiih..and yeahh..kak rina was there..i mean she works there..where else can she be kan. itu kak rina..jeff punya kakak la..hahah..lepak there about 4 hours kot..
done with that, we went to kapitan. tempat biasa la..but then..i lied to mak yang i went to watch movie which i obviously did not. rasa bersalah ader la jugak...but now i dont know what movie should i tell my mum i watched. ahh..itu boleh selesai kemudian.
we went out at 6.30 and i arrived home at 1.15a.m. heheh...actually still tak puas...what we did was onlining je all the time. ader rasa itu geram sket lah. but...he was so sweet today. im kindda confused about everything. i dont know how should i tell him. haishhhh...i had fun.
okla...sudah mau tdo..its 3.40a.m.already...adios!