Wednesday, June 18, 2008

confusianism. whuttha?

as boring as it might sound now, i must tell that im not. i did not go anywhere..neither do anything. i was at home from morning till now that i have to baby sit my lil brother as well as being his tuition teacher...ouh i love my job. hehehe..but ( climax) =DD
the story of the day begins when eman called at 4.00 to ask me for some favors. what else la kan. as usual did help. how cant i. ehhh..i helped everyone kan.
so...kluar je from the house...yazzy called. as usual there must be something hot that she wants to tell...and was the hottest story of the day. i wont tell what it was...ini antara gua sama cousin gua. heheh. what is the purpose of me telling anyway kan. stupid.
ok...actually i was about to pass something to eman masa yazzy called..and i gave the thing to him and they invited me to have lunner ( combination of lunch and dinner ) together haha..
yes...i followed them to kapitan again.
and there..i saw nora. we used to work together..but i tend to hate her for a while..but pass is pass. she used to like abg amer..hhehe which i know abg mer don't. she looked different dow..with new eye brows, bright pink shirt which was definitely a major improvement. she used to wear this cartoon T-shirt to work everyday and jeans which were not what ur eyes wants to see. but still, she still make ups like she used to.
ok, suddenly there was this phone call from eman's phone..i dont know who it was..but suddenly he looked at me..i mean seriously looked at me..his eyes were sharply focused on mine and he starts saying those 3 words. i love you. hah!...and he kept on repeating 3 times which i obviously did not answer. and the last question was..if i would to marry u..would you accept me...damn what should i say...hahah ouhh yeaa i kept quiet and all i did was smile back to him.
i dont know what else to say, whether he's serious or fooling around. and more thing..i took his phone...kindda bwat spot check..heheh and ader ke patut..he put my name in the phone as sarah gsc..haha i was like...hoiiiii...u letak nama i sarah gsc..then..he changed something...heheh he changed my name from sarah gsc to sarah my love...pandai kan mamat nih amik hati org...ishhh...and yea again..i looked at him and smile. i just don't know what to do.. how to react ..or even what to say....damn i am confused and scared and arghh