Monday, June 16, 2008

healthy food, healthy life

last few days were celebrated with food. i mean tremendously delicious food. but the problem is..there is no confirmation about the freshness and how healthy the foods are. so here i am trying to introduce healthy foods, specially cooked by my lovely ba..which taste damn good. ini penang mali punya woo...=DD

dis is parpu telur

sambal tauhu

udang berempah..the prawns were huge
we so need healthy food in our life. so take note that:

fruits and vegetables
Vegetables and fruits are the most nutrient-dense foods. They contain the greatest amounts of nutrients per calorie of any food. Many nutrients, including the ones that fight against cancer and heart disease are found in fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables have less sugars than fruits.

Everyone needs water to stay healthy and survive. Water is a very important part of the body. About 70% of our bodies is composed of water. do you know that Thirst is a signal to your body that you need water. However, in most cases, thirst occurs after your body has already become dehydrated. It is best to keep your body hydrated with water before you become thirsty. you also be aware that....
  • The blood supply is about 92% water.
  • A person who weighs 150 pounds should contain about 80 quarts of water.
interesting huh! =D