Monday, June 16, 2008

the xtra day

walliouu..haha..i dont know how to spell that..
its bored.

yesterday..which was few hours ago, was fun. but i would rather call the day as the day of food of heaven. y?...since it was father's day..mak was so into eating something extra-delicious. there were few suggested restaurant, but of course as wants nasi kandar. and yeah..we went all the way to town to hameediah. after full 'feeing' the needs of our stomaches..i suddenly came out with this kindda generous idea to buy them baskin robin. i dont know what was i thinking..but ba was so excited and that makes me happy. we then go to q.bay to have some ice cream. i mean that extra delicious ice cream because it has this one of a kind extra ingredient, flavour...and of course u need extra money to buy it. done with dat, its time to say goodbye to bei. sent him alone again.

i was kindda over slept today, and no doubt that the freshness is still high that i tend to stay awake till now. ok..whats for dinner?..first, i gave dis suggestion to mak to cook. but mak will always come with this special idea and the idea was to go to chef and brew. hahaha brilliant!...we all went there except for bei..he missed that wonderful dinner!..huhuhu...manyak rugi...
the food was good and yea..the money was good, eyhh extra good.
its all about money and cards!