Sunday, June 22, 2008


huh...(sigh)..i am so freaking tired today. bwat dis open house...not to say that open..we just invited some of our close frens and relatives...mak bedah was there..kalanor and mamu amer's family was there...and yeah...the winner of the biggest family ever brought to the open house was uncle jabarullah and family. kalanor brought an anak angkat as well..hahah...he's from indonesia. kindda cute..but he's 13. hahaha

i was so pissed off to buna today. she was just to annoying and selfish that i decided to hate her forever. damn!..scram you!

enough for today.

yesterday the plan was to bring syazwan to watch kung fu panda. mak and ba was supposed to go to that uptrend meeting...and i got the car. heheheh (evil laugh). so..i thought of inviting someone to follow me but no one was available and sadly i thought...i have to go alone..ouh yeaa with baby syer. and heheh of course ed called. and stupid me...i forgot about him. so i went and picked him up but it was already 8.45pm. definitely we wont be able to watch the movie..and i was so not into the mood of watching any movie. the mood was so into lepaking with hehehe... i took the lap top went to kapitan..lepak for a while..ouhh was boring..called abg mer ..called eman..they were in this huge fight...and eman went out with his gf.

so at last..i told going home. im bored and im mad and im not in the mood to lepak anymore. so we went home. and b4 i shut down the engine of my lovely daihatsu...abg mer called. ehehe he was walking alone to pelita sg dua...kesian la we decided to go to him. i mean teman him kejap la...and when we arrived..i got to know that kak rina and jeff were also coming. and 5 minutes later..abg mer's fren..i dont know what's the name...but there were 7 of us including baby syer.

omg...they were so fun to hang out with. i laughed like hell....syazwan was such a lovely brother yesterday...hahaha....i just love them all. but..unfortunately...syazwan was sleepy and tired....and he wanted to go home...agak2 la...its 12.30 dah time tuh. but b4 that...tak sampai hati tgk abg mer walk back home i thought of giving him a la..slalu naik kreta dia...y not help him went and sent him back home...which was also eman's home and guess who was there la kan...

so sent off abg mer and we went was about 1.30am when we reached home...eheheh...and guess what...there's no electricity. the whole taman sri nibong was quiet and dark. b;ack off mcm gler babay. that so reminds me of the silent hill...scary dowh...seksa jugak la...the electricity was back at 3.40am. i couldn't asleep untill 5 . and imagine waking up at 10. hang out with shaz and anis today. went back home at 7. then..ader open house pulak. help ba and mak to clean the kitchen and now its 2.30am. imagine la fucking tired i am rite now!...hah ok...i need the sleep mann!! nite nite!