Monday, August 4, 2008

hisshh penat kot!

Damn..i miss my laptop to the extend that i dont think i have anything better to do. sitting here and looking and my poor presario is so bad luck. i thought last year was bad luck but this year? ouhh...not again. but, financially ...its better this year =D hihihi...
i am so exhausted and tired and weak but still thinking of my baskin in the fridge. heheh..
and yeah..bei is coming to kl..perhaps he is in kl rite now..and i miss him. and my family and everyone .
i promised anis to call her today, although the tiredness inside me is still freshh...but promise is still a promise kan.
exam is so near, and i dont think im close to 5% ready yet! how sad it might sound, im not ready to tensed up my mind and a song to sing might cheer me up. how sangap i am to karaoke...but to bad im here..and it seems like im sharing with no one for this passion except for si elle and izzut. however, this sangapness is still under control. and i'll try to maintain.

29th oct 2008...cepatlaaaa!!!