Sunday, July 20, 2008

think think think

a day in png was =). the feeling i felt at home is so much different. i like staying in kl but its always better when im in png. the feeling when you see your parents, your brother, your family..i just felt so happy and to leave them was hard. things change. last Saturday, i went out with ed, Man, Fauzi and Abg Mer. its a new crowd new friends, new people. heheh.....although good memories with them in gsc are indescribable but we are still us and no one changed except imanudin. hanging out without him was kindda better. ed hates him and so does Man and Fauzi. i felt terribly disappointed towards him. he just changed too much and i feel like i dont know him anymore. we hang out together and ed drove his coming to be savvy. i enjoyed to the max with them. going back to penang without sneaking out?..hahah....yea yea..i did went out without asking my parents permission...but with ed and savvy. the car was so cool...berbangga jugak la...because everyone was looking at us..(rasanyer la) sbb kereta tuh comeyl sgt. eheheh

im kindda disappointed with people. sometimes...y not think before you do something. you might hurt someone's feeling but you'll just don't realize. don't be selfish. think about others because the 'others' are thinking about you. seriously...take time...and think back what you've done wrong. its good to change and be yourself.