Saturday, July 12, 2008

say no to war? wtf?

=DD... i know i know. im happy.
this few days were the day full of disaster...about moving out thingy...and everything. i got tensed up with my parents and things. plus with the great amount of money i have to spend to rent a house, and there's no more income from auntie. i thought about it yesterday...dat made me decide no to move out and i need yaz to stay with me. and yeayy.....yaz tak jadi pindah. im happy..and everyone will. trust me.

dats all je kot...heheh

and yea...
what makes a child or a person loses their innocence?
hahah jgn pk kotor dowhh..
when they start to question jawapan dia..
i dont know y..baru blaja im applying what i learnt. hehehhe