Wednesday, September 10, 2008



its me with my late nani

i miss her so much. it has been 4 years since i last saw her. i miss her ccoking, her smile and her voice. all about her was amazing.  nani, if only you are here, and how i wish you are still  here. it was her who will always there by my side. she'll be mad if anyone calls me fat or hitam. hehhe

i still remember when mak scolded me that i eat too much that it hurt me so bad . i went out and started crying. you came to me and sat next to me. you scolded mak. i was just too happy to know that you were always there.

i still remember the time when we used to watch p.ramlee's movie together. we laugh together. and those moments when we read quran together. it was the most unforgetful moment in my life.

but now you're not here anymore. you were the only nani i had. the only one and you went away. i love you and i will always do. nani.