Sunday, September 7, 2008

suka suka

here i go again. feeling bored as always, caught up in the room with nothing good to do besides wondering what will be serve on the table at 7. hahh.. food.
talking about food, i miss the food in singapore. damnn..the indian food, were amazing..sedap nk mampos!.although its a bit pricey, well its worth of the sing dollar.
im bored and bored. tired of studying you tube and david bynes. ouhh i just love him. the way he touches the piano, damn its like a gift from god. how i wished it was me handling those keys. well, it was'nt me and will nt be me. someday i'll pas my dreams to my children..haha like ba did and sadly, he gain nothing due to my lazyness and stupidness. bodoh. ishh
however, i'll get things done. i'll make sure i'll get it done. heee =DD