Thursday, October 23, 2008

first night =DD

first night at home. mmg sangap nk kluar. but i have plans tomorrow morning, so i have to behave "well" in front my parents. as usual. hehe

what happened yesterday was really 'whoa'. What I meant was, it surprised me to see those pictures of him. it was really embarrassing and so discomforting to just imagine. Haha forget about that.

Tomorrow bei is coming back. Hehe yeahh.i am excited to meet him. When he’s around, I don’t feel that bored. That’s the positive side laa..the negative side, he’ll take my speaker away. Jahat.

My dieting is working. I mean I am gravely doing it this time. I hope I am. Since there’s too many people requesting. Hahaha.. macam famous pulak rasa. I am trying. So far, I’ve lost 2kg in 4 days. However, im starting to miss my FRIENDS already. =)