Saturday, October 25, 2008

definitely, maybe

            April. Suddenly, I kindda like the name. I have no idea why but I somehow figure out that name after watching the movie definitely maybe. Fascinating movie to say. I was bored at 1.00 a.m. and I thought of watching some Korean movies my brother brought back, but the beginning of the movie was uninteresting and boring. I decided to switch to astro and I just hate my remote control . I cant watch the fuckin astro on rainy days! What irritated me the most was I can’t also watch gossip girl due to  my stupid brother ( although i  know he’s not) deleted all the episodes he downloaded. BUT Ryan Reynolds saves my day! =D! he’s hot. Haha

Alright enough with that. I did karaoke again today. This time was with Anis and Ed. We took the V.I.P room and sing non stop for 2 hours. exhausting! I know. But yet. Fulfilling and I was over all satisfied with the RM40 we paid Heh! I think that’s enough for today. Adios!