Wednesday, November 5, 2008

stars and moon?

i love my hometown. nothing can compare the feeling when im here. its not just about the people, its about the calmness and freedom i have here. everyday and every second means alot to me, expecially when im with my friends and family. they bring out the best in me as if i am someone important to them. it matters when people say i mean alot to them, because they mean alot to me too. 

you know, sometimes i have to admit, that there are times when i feel so alone. i know i have always been supporting people who are single and to move on being single is the best thing that could happened. i lied. i've seen too many relationships fall apart, and im scared to be part of it. people suiciding, running away from home,  doing things against the religion.... im scared that i might do it one day. i am seriously.

to be honest, i have crush on too many people. i wont mention who they are. =DD . i mean i like them, but i dont love them to be exact. but there is this one person who had stole my heart once upon a time, and sadly he's not the one. kindda irony, i know. take it ,that way then hehe.

mak and ba will be going to Bandung on the 12th. as usual, i have to baby sit my baby syer. hehe i just need to be home alone for a while. i miss the home alone feeling.  just imagine. being home alone, with a car and some money. hahah what else can be better. sumpah x sabar.

i miss DB. hahah tiba2 kan. i have not see him for quite some time. but at least i saw his mom last 2 days. hehe. hish dats all 4 today. im tired due to the karokeing with ed, kaha, kak rina and abg mer and also exercising at 1 in the morning. pelik, i know.

adios and sayonara. =D