Monday, November 24, 2008


its 3.30a.m. i cant sleep and i dont know y.

im bored. im missing my late night outings. haihhh i should get over it, i know. i know.

it's hard. 

ba and mak are making it even harder for me. to be back before 10?? whutthaa. they even call me to check whether im home or not. this is so not working for me. 

i understand that they are trying their very best to be a good parent. come on, im 19 and i know what's good and bad. 

in penang, im allowed to be back late. see, i hate this part.  they have this unbrilliant thoughts of KL which they think that lepaking after 10, even if im in colloge is very very very very unsafe.

and as the only daughter, to listen to what they say is a strictly YES YES!

NO! NO! NO!. however, they're not here to spy on me. hehehe