Friday, November 28, 2008


ignore the title. i ran out of ideas lately. so i figured out that title that doesn't suit the topic is interesting in some ways. hehe

i dnt know y, the pic is there. ahahha suka hati la.

btw, that is how my universty 'konon'  look like. colourful. i know haha.

i was confused when my mum called just now. we talked about  certain things that i dnt know how to act. what to do or answer.  haishh. yeaa bei did called too. yesterday was his birthday and he got this free calls. suchh a sweetie to call me instead of his gf which he dont really own one.

i actually wanted to post this poem i found it  it interesting. its from my old blog from f.ster  so here it is:


You don’t know me.
You think you do.
As you watch me,
doing my every move.
But you don’t know me,
You don’t know me at all.
You think my smiles
Mean something special,
But you are wrong.
My smiles
Are just hiding,
My broken personality.
You think my glares
Mean I hate you,
But you are wrong.
My glares just show that I don’t understand you.
You think I’m wrong
Because I lie,
And I cheat,
And I hurt you.
But look a little deeper,
Just try and find,
The real me.

p/s = yaz, dont u think this poem suits u? hehehe