Tuesday, November 11, 2008

7 days left

these few days are driving me crazy. today reminds me that im left with another 7 days untill im back in Shah Alam. i am not happy and to be back in a week are making my life miserable. my everyday moods sucks. i'll be extremely happy on one day, and i'll be moody on another day. and i have no idea why.

alright enough said. today was an okay day. nothing happened this morning. but yesterday was good. my mum bought this new grill machine. as usual, i was experimenting the machine...and at one point i got so frustrated when the machine suddenly stop working. the result was remarkable, the chicken were marvelous. and we decided to grill some of those chicken plus some meat and etc this saturday when my parents are not around. i might call ed and anis. it'll be fun. sumpah x sabar. hahah

just now, yesterday to be exact. kak rina called me for dinner together. she wants to see abg mer badly that i decided for us to eat somewhere near their house which was totaly a stupid idea. my intention was to meet eman and i did. but sadly, kak rina left frustratingly. i felt bad for her, as i was the one who suggested the idea at the first place.

i guess thats all. nothing much to write. the mood to blog is no longer available. adios!