Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the moody day

i know i was a bit out of mood this morning. people do realize and starting to ask me whether im okay and what is wrong with me. i dont actually do it on purpose and i have no idea why i was so moody that morning. i guess its because of the phone call i receive yesterday...that is always the main reason why i hate going back to png that often. ouhh i do love png, but i dont know y the hell im being so moody out of a sudden. there's just too many problems to think and i hate the fact that i can get over it and everytime i try so so hard to just ignore the problems, i'll end up being quiet.

i love helping my friends, expecially when it comes to their love life. i learn and know some things through my experiance. as sad as it may sound, my love life sucks. i dont have one to be exact. things are getting even harder for me when i am the only one left for not having that ' someone special' in my life. ouhh god, i have no idea why the hell is this thing bothering me so much.

but, im grateful to have frens. they do help me in some ways and to know that im being appreciated is the best thing that could have happened. =)

about the moving out thingy, i do really look forward to move out next month. i guess its the best decision i can make so far.  there's jst too much reason to mention.  its hard i know.  but im left with no choice.