Saturday, December 27, 2008

public peeing?

I’ve never thought that I’ll be looking at guys peeing. They seriously do that? I mean peeing anywhere they like. That’s unbelievable. hahahah

Its about my 2 friends, who tak tahan mau kencing…and they suddenly ran to this bush where it’s a bit dark there and start peeing.

I was like “ hoi, r u guys serious. Biar btol ” I seriously thought they were fooling around. But embarrassingly, yes they did .I was looking at them, I mean seriously. They were like ‘ aya, pusing blakang. We’re peeing. U shouldn’t be staring like that’. Hahah sumpah I thought they were faking it.

but after finishing their peeing session, what they came out was ‘ tu la …lelaki nih sng, bole kencing kt mana2..bkn mcm prompuan’ hah? ..and I said “ that was my first time ever tgk lelaki kencing!”

Hahaha and of course, they think otherwise. ‘ ha, aya. Ermm lain mcm tu. Hahahhaahhah and start laughing like hell. Ahahha bodoh btol.

However, I have so much fun lepaking with them today. I always do actually. 

until then, sayonara!


anabilla said...

hak3...aku xtahan nak tgelak..
siapakah kwn2 yang dmaksudkan tu...?????? ha3...