Monday, January 5, 2009


ini Hariz btw. ltk gamb senang sikit nk imagine. hehe

      i am extremely happy today. ..i mean hahhahahha. See im just too happy.
so today hariz invited me to his house, at 6, i drove all the way to damansara since yaz was still mengelamun'ing. hahah
aite, then on my way there, hariz called. he want us to meet at banana leaf. so i went there, i was kindda nervous actually cause i thought he'll bring his frens along but he brought acal instead. the first thing that caught my eye was his hp and earphone. His song was amazing. Sedap! sedap!! Merdu! =p
well, he's a talented person. i mean really talented. he play the guitar, piano, bass. i mean he can basically do everything and he can even sing very well.
however, acal was busy telling me about his business and hariz was busy seeking opinions . I mean he asked more than 10 times kot. We lepak there about an hour I guess, then acal went back with his car and my sweet cousin hariz volunteered to teman me back home. Hehe. It was a fine day actually. 
The main purpose I was in the mood to blog was about ANIS. She’s my best ever friend who knows everything about me. I told her basically everything. Here she is, camwhoring with the most amazing person on earth which happen to be ermmm ME. heheheh

more than 10 people says we look alike.

best friend disease kowt. =p 


Sera said...

yes, u girls look alike.. (:

anabilla said...

weyh..kuang asam.....gambaq aku tu..bukan men ceta pasal haish dia..ahaks...