Friday, February 13, 2009

Just Saying

I suddenly remembered the conversation I had with Mr. Yeh Yeh this morning. I asked him to find me a perfect guy. I told him to find me a guy with this qualities (Good looking, rich, educated and beriman ) hahaha.

So, he did mention some names, but unfortunately not all of them own all of the qualities I mention. So what he can conclude was there are such guys with those qualities but the question is. Where are those guys and what makes you think you’ll have the potential of getting those guys. =D. ..hehehe..i know I wont. There’s no harm in having big dream kan? =D

So, today is 12th feb. another 2 days, my P is gone, and Valentines Day? Hmm…going to buana’s house again I guess. Heheh..i can’t wait to go home. Rindu dah rumah. ..but its been fun this semester, I guess im used to it already. Mak dah tak call lama, so kindda miss her. . and syazwan. I just met ba and bei is here. However, it’s the circle of life anyway. By hook or by crook you’ll have to face it.


Pais パイス said...

hahaha...did i say that? cant remember

anyway..u've been tagged! sebab kan ko takda chatbox..aku tag kat sni je la..