Thursday, February 19, 2009

5 minggu cuti? hehehe

welcome home sarah.

hehehehehehehhahahah. see how excited i am. talking about 5 weeks, goshh there's so many things to do. another 3 weeks will kill me. tahan. tahan. and masih bertahan.=)

however, today was my marathon on watching 2 korean movies, which i think most of the movies i watched have  the same ending. as usual, either the hero is dead or the heroin will die. see, no happy ending. only tears. bodo. no such thing..eyhh?

SUDDENLY, i came up with this:

i wanna marry a gud looking chinese guy. i find ppl with small eyes is sexayy! hahahhahahahahaha. i know bei and hariz will laugh and kutuk me like hell if they read this. sayonara! =DDDDDD


..::NiNieLiciOus::.. said...

hahaha!!i will pray for dat k!!

hahaaa..hope ur dream will come true!