Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bintang bintang di udara.

i wanna bake. sumpah i have to. damn it. shit im starting to feel useless, bodoh.

why must there be downs in life? why cant it always be ups all the time.. why must all this happened to me. you see, when you flash back, see how you changed, what you've become, most of you must be proud of who you are now, not all i guess... but i guess i do. i dont wanna be the old me...uikk ...lari topic...eyh

im not a good person. im not perfect and i can't be perfect...i make mistakes. i hurt people especially si anis nabilla tuh. hehe. anis sorry!!

im trying so hard to make people love me and without realizing it, im actually hurting  them. bersalahnya.....sorryyyy!

anyway i know there are people who are willing to forgive and forget... tuhan kan maha adil!! =D