Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my first cake of the month

I Finally baked!!!

heheh indtroducing my new Fruity Mocha Cake =)

it only took me 30minutes to bake this baby. it all happened when i call abg mer, and eman's mother suddenly requested a fruit cake. she said abah is craving for one. so y not, its something new.

sumpah the niat was not to bodek. ahaha i was actually bored staying at home and suddenly cooking and baking is becoming a serious hobby. hee~

so yesterday i brought the cake to" mak mertua "..haha and they actually likes it. my mum even asked me to bake one for her frens at the office. so i guess the taste is ok. 

happy holiday people =D


she said...

sumpah nampak sedap sangat.
terliur okayy.