Thursday, September 24, 2009


raya this year was amazing. i had fun to the max. karaoke and stuff. pictures. lots and lots of them. thanx to nano for the extremely expensive camera that manage to capture all those  special moments of raya. but of course, the camera is only available when the 'tuan punya' is there. =D eheh..however have fun browsing all of the pictures.

meet the boys. i mean my dear handsome cousins. HAHAHA

and the GIRLs.  

my favourite cousin of all. im not sure abt the gender... hahah ouhh ED!

My happy family. i cant resist to not go out with sorry frens, anis, eman. it happens only once a year. anis pown dah lama x call. been busy having fun with my deary cousins. haha..

btw SELAMAT HARI RAYA readers!!!


E l f i n a said...

ahh kaw tada sms aku kata selamat hari raya.haha