Tuesday, November 3, 2009


meet the boyfriend people.

i think its time to tell. before this i was not being a good girlfriend, i've never actually tell people about him except my very very close friends, and i think there's nothing to be ashame of. i know he's not that perfect, neither do i or anyone. there is no Mr or Mrs perfect. but, i am actually accepting the fact that i do love him. 

seriously, i dont know about people's reaction towards him especially my family. the priority is always the family. my cousins, they dont really like him. i know. i dont blame them. there's always a reason for everything but im just following the flow.i know, he's a nice guy and they will eventually love him like i do. im already 20 and i think its time. he's the first and hopefully the last..=)


..::NiNieLiBamNess::.. said...

so sweet aya.. :)hopefully all ur dreams will come true darl..