Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i need a JOB

its time i think. i need a job. god, im bored

there's few reasons why i need to get a job. 

1. im bored. 

2. so that i dont have to stay home all day long and listen to mak when she calls and say, bacala reader digest tu, kemas rumah ke, ajar shazwan. do something at home. you dont have to go out. stay home. WTF? boleh mati okay!!

3. bila keje, ada excuse nk kluar lewat.

4. i need the money. since mara dah habis. seriously i need cash. 

5. its been awhile since i went shopping and pegi wayang. rindu.

and today went out with bani, anis, eman, and abg mer. nk gi cari keje but instead i met mas. hmm...whatever, so hopefully, someone with good news will call me. 

i did took some pictures with eman while the others were eating..


Anonymous said...

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