Thursday, February 25, 2010

tolong la bf.

i just came back from a fight with the bf, its 4 in the morning for god's sake.
well here's the thing. i swear to god i do love him, but as time goes by im getting tired. tired of watever he wants me to be which im totally NOT.

first, he does not want me to lose weight.
i've never felt the feeling of being thin and i want to look good. well its for me. i really really want to lose this fat.
he said that, im wasting money for the gym membership, he is so scared of what im wearing that others (guys especially) might find what im wearing too revealing.come onnnn, since when i became SEXY? aduhhh.. and yeaa, if im thin and preety, guys will be looking at me and he hates it. huh?

second, he hates me going out without him.
sometimes, i wanna have fun too. for him, if i wanna have fun, then have fun with him.
teringin kot. last 2 days, he's not here. so, i called ed and we went for karaoke. he was so pissed because as usual, PEREMPUAN! x elok....

third, he so badly wants me to wear tudung.
my goddddd!!!! sumpah i'll definitely wear one day. but for the mean time give me the time to just be me. i wont fake myself. i need to enjoy my 20's. seriously.

4th, he keep on repeating that he's worried i might be 'WILD' in KL.
kalau nak jahat, lama dah aku jadi jahat kot. pening ok.
niat, to go there and continue my studies...niat tu yg penting btol x?

nak pakai cantik2 dia x suka.
so what the hell does he wnts from me??

and i know, some might said im such an idiot to stick with him till now. but i know he wants the best for me and he care bout me too much that makes him worries more...but be reasonable. respect my needs and i'll respect his. dah malas nk pk. ahhh mampos kau sarah. dah kena sumpahannnn!