Friday, March 5, 2010

sakit =)

"asal b nih. lebih2, GILA" then he hung up the phone

i baked a chocolate cake for him.
"yg x mau. simpan je lah dlm fridge"

" kalau b tada pown syg x rugi apa pown. b bukan ada apa. ramai lagi prompuan yang nak kt yang, tp sebab sayang punya pasal yg x leh nk tggl b"

how should i react to that?
should i just keep my mouth shut and let the heart cry?
should i ignore him and wait till he come and find me?

i dont know what else to do. right now im doing everything by myself. i watched movie alone. i went to the gym alone. i drive alone at night... to be honest, i've nevel felt free like this. i spent maximum 5 hours in the gym. hah! see.

hmmm everything happens for a reason kan. sabar sarah. =)