Saturday, March 27, 2010

it was about 3 days ago. wan's wedding to be exact. eman came up with the idea of me sleeping at ira's place so that on the day we dont have to come all the way to sungai petani.

so 11.30pm, they came and picked me up. of course mak and ba were not happy. reason: its too late, and the're worried because its a long journey. about 12.30 arrived at ira's sister's somewhere in juru. the house was ermm very uncomfortable. seriously. its very very dirty and hot. bukan nk berlagak or complain. but at least cleanup. sumpah nak minum pown x lalu. i was very thirsty, tp sanggup tahan sampai esok gi beli kt petrol station. sampai macam tu skali.

so bla bla bla...ikut ira g make up n everything, so sampai la masjid around 3. i promised eman to wear tudung. so...

he looked at me and tears just came out. "sejuk hati tgk b pakai tudung. d nak cium dahi boleh"
what more can i say. kisslahhh. hehehe he keep on looking at me. it was the best moment. seriously. =)

then we went to the beach, took few pictures. balik rumah. arrive png at =D