Friday, January 29, 2010

i neeD

esok cuti because its friday yaw! anyways, im not sensing any happy mood tomorrow since there's no plans except for the reunion party in sunset. i've neve been there, so im looking forward to go and see how the place looks like..

and yea, im quiting my job. sunday is my last day, but im not quite sure weather it should be good news or otherwise. i was planning on spending the whole one month working out plus taking nutrimeal, but if i continue working, i'll get some money plus excuse to go out late nite. hah, im gonna stop thinking bout lying and all the shits im doing. enough of it.
well it actually happened after bei nizal came to me and warned about ba n mak might be folowing me. dont u think dats too much. aduhh thank u beinizal. THANK U.

i need to go shopping with the gurls.
i need to fucking lose weight
i need facials
i need bei to go watch movies
i need my bf to share the love =p
i need yaz to tell her everything
i seriously need to rest.

god, give me good life until i die. aminn.