Saturday, January 30, 2010

reunion Ggl 06

the reunion was supposed to be held in feringghi, but due to the very bad traffic somewhere along waterfall, because of thaipusam, the reunion party was canceled. everyone was so ready, and suddenly one of my fren texted shaz that the reunion pary was canceled. mcm babi gak lah dah semngat nk pi. however, ktorg yg ada contact num of each other, plan and plan. and we atlast end up in QUEENSBAY =)

fyi, the one in the middle, Zaiton is already married. anak dia. sumpah comel...and she's the same age as me. 

from left, nishi, shila, najwa, parveen, nazihah, fazz, zaiton, hayati, shaz and me.

although i had fun, mcm2 jd that night, had a fight with eman. i came back at 5 in the morning, ba dah selak pintu. i couldnt enter the house. slept at mamamir's. i woke up and went late to work. sblm tu, nk buka pintu, kunci sangkut patah...rite now, im afraid to go out. takut nk jumpa mak n ba after what i did. they're nt talking to me...haihh..i wish i could tell them how sorry i am.

anyways, it was fun meeting with the girls again.