Saturday, January 23, 2010

tiramisu sunday? hehe

hell lowww everyone.

well, rite now i am working in 7e. thats the nearest and easiest place to work. i've been working for almost a month + BUT satu haram jadah sen pown x dpt lagi. sumpah dowh, never work in 7e. i now actually realize how easy to get money from teaching. aunty maziah a.k.a mak yaz hehe was rite though...haihh. so tiba2 decide to jadi a lecturer mayb. heheh

im basically broke rite now. bgantung duit kat mak and bf...thank god. lama gila x shopping. akhir bulan, facial, gym and shopping. MESTI. here is getting better, i mean, dah bnyak benda plan, dis sunday, mayb picnic with the guys. im baking tiramisu people. hehe no more chocolate cakes. planning by the beach, tp dlm perbincangan.

so td, i went shopping with eman the bf, nisha the chef, and kaha.. time tuh yg tetiba plan nk bwat picnic...masa shopping, whatever i mention, mcm whoaaa dark chocolate, dia angkat masuk dlm bakul. bapaklahh sweet. im just happy for him...
esok keje pagi, so i better get some rest now, pictures, nant ye people.

org2 yg tgh rindu sy, im missing u guys too. have fun tanpa saya. =)