Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad Birthday! wat ..who cares about me anyway!...tomorrow im going back to shah alam..i've never felt like dis b4!!..gler truk rasa..i feel like no one loves me anymore..
the very important ppl in my life tak wish pown except ANIS....there are ppl who wished me..
the first one was aizat (11.56pm), anis ( 11.59pm), elle (11.59pm), nini cousin (12.01pm), baby nini (12.03 pm),syamim (12.21pm) asyireen (12.21pm), nishi (3.39am), mamipah (8.50am), mak (10.42am), yoongae(12.36pm),..dis ppl msg kt phone!..and the only person who called me was NINIE! (12.27pm)...others wished through myspace! mcm faris, kirin, ayep..ehhe....thanx plpl...!!!!.....others like my bro, ed. EMAN, yaz tak wish pown!..the very important ppl in my life!!...diorang terlupa kot!!..wats the big deal anyway!..