Sunday, March 30, 2008

Music and instrument!

i am so in da mood of music and instrument today!..i was just hentaming my piano just now. it felt gud to play the piano with the pedal. piano without pedal is 0!...ok lets move on. someday sometime somewhere i would love to learn to play the guitar and the bass. although my dad owns both of the instrument and know how to play it...he wont teach me...cuz i failed my g6 exam!..hehe it was 2 years ago!...come on!..i was'nt interested yet!..but hell yeah!..i am now!..

This is Ed aka danial aka diddy aka my cousin!.eheh...he's gud in guitar. his sifu was Hariz..which also happens to be my cousin as well. livin in a wonderful family!!. dats y i heart them!

last but not least! wonderful digital piano!..although its digital, it means a world to me! day, i'll buy the acoustic piano! white! yeahh baby white acoustic yamaha piano!