Tuesday, April 1, 2008


he said he likes her!! ahhh forget it!...dats it! he's my fren and will always be my friend. I just need to forget about everything and move on!..guys are so unbelievable! i don't look at cute guys..ahha..okok i do, but guys with interesting personality and attitude attracts me. well, im just wasting my precious time thinking when i know that "someone" does not exist! dis year is killing me! problems everywhere! i dont know what else to do. y must evrything happened sekali gus! bala ke aper nih! the toyol thing, money, that fella...my result! im scared to go back...i am so scared. why? huh!...i am feeling useless rite now!..very very useless rite now. i mean, i don't know who likes me and who don't. im scared of what ppl would think of me dat i tend to hurt my self everytime. i thought i deserve sumthing gud, or sumthin dat will make me happy...but i dont!..i don't know how to describe dis feeling...seriously...no one would understand...no one!...