Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thank U!

"Tuhan itu maha adil". that is wat i'll always stick to. i know, my life will be over another 3 days. i know dis happy face will never ever be the same again. but im glad that i am now, smilling and enjoying my life while i can. Move on, is the best way to pursuit happiness. to be happy, i'll think of wat i'll remember. The best moment is what i cherish to make me be proud of who i am. The key of happiness is Bad memory. Crying is wat i do best to forget everything. sometimes, its about U. U urself ..have to change watever ur thinking. u dont have to have millions to be happy.Money doesn't always bring happiness, people with ten million dollars are no happier then people with nine million dollars. u just need that very best moment, with a slice of family and a pinch of friend to have a complete recipe of HAPPINNES. =)