Monday, April 28, 2008


ouhh..i feel so lonely rite now and i dont know why. there's to many things going around that i cant even focus on one thing. exam is coming soon, losing weight is another problem, i need more money!!..goshh!..
sometimes when u start to love someone, u tend to forget everyone around you including your friends. and dats my major problem. its not dat im in love and im neglecting my frens, its just dat people do that. they dont realize untill they're being told.

sometimes, its not about having someone special in ur life...its about remembering the one who always help u when u need them, someone who will always be with you no matter how busy they are, someone who will stick with you and appreciate u the way you are. it hurts when u know you've been kicked out from their life. yeaahh..they will accept u back..but it takes a while...untill they think they need you, they'll come back to you.

i know i love my friends to much. i know i'll do anything for them to like me. but sometimes, why cant they do the same?..i know, sometimes..i talk to much and there are times that i hurt ppl. i know i hurt them..its not dat i do it on purpose. its just because i care about those people to much..understand me and i'll understand you.

i'll try to be someone better. at least im trying. pls..don't lie to can hurt me but pls dont lie. it hurts so bad. i'll accept anything, whatever you think you wanna say..just say it. i'll take it as a challenge and live with it.

p/ him. pls change. i know ur a good person. i know u can be somebody but pls..stop hurting people who loves you more than anything. try to learn how to appreciate people. remember..honesty is always the best policy! helping you is all i can do. call me if u need me. =)