Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2nd April 2008., =DD

today was an OK day...very fine yet ok day! wtf?...i was so bowsan dis morning, i did not eat anything till now since im so lazy to reheat the food!..pemalas seyhh...went out with eman just now...he called and he wanted to come over to my house...but nant aper pulak my parents ckp...its not nice to bring a guy masuk...uhh tak manis dipandang! i went out with him, brought the laptop skali...and gerak to kapitan. ed, fauzi and the geng were also there. ed pulak nk g survey phone, so he went to q.bay.kul 6.20, me and eman gerak pegi convent, my old skewl, pick up his nephew. and we did had some conversation in the car...mostly about his carry bother ( abang angkat)..ahah...and lepas tuh..dah tak tahu nk wat aper...went to his house..i mean his mother's house in sg dua. mula2..malu nk masuk, since im the only girl..and then kakak2 dia i went in...lepak there almost 3 hours. nothin much happened..i did had fun...but i did not felt anything towards him. dat's gud news rite?....for the first time, i thought i was lepaking with my own family..and him as my brother! kan!..i guess its best for me to think this way. imnot hurting my self, and i felt so good. esok nk kluar lg...i guess i did follow aper yaz ckp...hehe..thanx cousin!